Home Movers

Market conditions are almost certain to have changed since you last moved. The last 10 years have seen great changes in the mortgage market: self-certification mortgages are no longer available, rates have fallen to historic lows and have risen of late, with tighter lending criteria. We have access to many introductory offers and exclusive rates that can meet your borrowing requirements.

Re Mortgaging

If you are considering switching your existing mortgage deal, or your rate is soon to finish, you may be unsure of what to do next. In our opinion, being able to weigh up all the options and discuss the costs involved makes remortgaging clearer to understand and gives you the ability to see monthly savings.

First Time Buyers

Arranging your first mortgage can be bewildering. With hundreds of different products and companies competing for your attention, how can you be sure that you’ve made the best possible start to owning a home?. We understand the whole house buying process; property surveys, finding a solicitor and dealing with estate agents."We guide you through every step".

Buy To Let

The amount you can borrow will mostly depend on the rental income of the property, with many lenders also reviewing the overall personal income and debt circumstances of an applicant. Whilst an individual’s personal financial situation can be complex, lenders are available that can accommodate most circumstances.

Second Property

Our exclusive connections mean that we still have access to a wide range of expat mortgage products and we can still find extremely competitive mortgages for both buy to let properties and family homes.

Renovating or Second Build

Buying a run-down house that needs significant renovation work or converting an old building such as a barn, can be the ideal way to get the house you want at a price you can afford. Organising your finances from the outset to ensure that you have the money you need as the project progresses is vitally important. Our expertise includes association with specialist mortgage lenders who can help with these specific projects.

Answers to common questions
about our Mortgage advisery Services

You may be asking yourself , “Why don’t I go to a lender direct, or simply return to my existing mortgage supplier?”.

We’ve provided some Q & A to help you understand the services we provide.

Your property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

The role of an impartial adviser is to find the most suitable deal for you and your circumstances by looking at a comprehensive range of lenders rather than just the one lender you are visiting. An impartial adviser will not be affiliated with any lenders and is therefore in a strong position to find you the right mortgage.

Tied advisers may offer a smaller selection of products than impartial advisers, because they will be linked to one, or a few lenders. This may mean, however, that they are able to offer lower interest rates or better incentives because of this affiliation. Whether tied or impartial, brokers are often able to offer better interest rates than are available by going directly to the lender.

As a mortgage adviser, we act as an intermediary on behalf of clients and businesses dealing with the regulatory processes that you are
required to meet to get a home mortgage these days.

Lenders have increasingly tightened up mortgage criteria since the financial collapse of 2007. Those days of
lending are long gone and the landscape is still constantly changing. We understand the lenders requirements and
take all that stress away from our clients ensuring a smooth process to getting a mortgage offer.

sWhen discussing the loan requirements, for your particular mortgage, we establish the back-up plan, what happens in case of any eventualities.
By considering insurance you can make sure your family is not burdened with unaffordable outgoings.

We act as a go-between between you, the lender, the solicitor and the surveyors. We make certain that you
understand what is involved in a mortage, and what is required to get you through to a successful outcome whether that is moving in to a new home,
remortgaging or just raising some extra funds via lending.

Each mortgage case now takes many weeks and in come cases months of chasing, and updating. You have to ask yourself,
if you work full time or have a busy lifestyle, do you really have this time to spare?.

Mortgage criteria has tightened massively over the past few years.

We can chase things in a way you may not be able to yourself.

We charge a fee of £249 per client to manage the discovery work & submission of the mortgage, plus we also receive commission from the lender. Click Here

Worthington Finance Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The FCA does not regulate solicitors and surveyors.

You can look us up on the FCA web site. On clicking the below link you will leave the regulated site of Worthington Finance Ltd. Neither Worthington Finance Ltd, is responsible for the accuracy of the information contained within the linked site: FCA

The FCA does not regulate some forms of buy to let mortgages.

At our first meeting, we simply go through the scenarios. We don’t require anything other than the knowledge you have about your credit history and financial situation. Once we move onto submission and application, we require the following:

Passport or driving license
Proof of address
Latest P60
Latest 3 months payslips
Latest 3 months bank statements
Marriage certificate (if necessary)
If self-employed – last 2 years SA302’s and Tax Year Overviews from the Inland Revenue
Proof of deposit (if necessary)

Information we hold about you.

In order to advise you correctly, Worthington Finance Ltd must obtain certain information from you about your
financial and personal circumstances.

By providing us with your personal data:

  1. You agree that the information we hold about you can be held on computer and/or paper files.
  2. You agree that any information which you give us, including sensitive personal data such as health and
    medical records, may be disclosed to appropriate third parties for the purpose of processing your application and
    for the ongoing administration of your investment or policy but for no other purpose.

EMail and your privacy

Please keep in mind that the privacy of email cannot be guaranteed so please ensure you use an alternative
method to carry confidential information.